Thursday, September 13, 2012



i'm keeping my strength for my future. As u know my older post (if u ever read it), i'm currently staying at form 6, struggling(struggling laa sgt) to face STPM 1ST term which will be held on 5th nov. Its less than 2 months left, 40 or 50 days left.

Last week, my friend and i decided to go on a trip. Teringai is the best choice cuhs its the only one place that we can go since haslinah lived there. Lot of things that we've been through, we almost been chased by drunken man and its freaking us out!

#2 i lost my spirits. Lately, schools seems soo ... idk, its hard to explain. All i need is a time to be alone. So i made up some *lame* stories -- alasan xmau pgi skola. Ponteng sehari jak pun ;p

#3 SPA-- just not my day.

#4-- yet,there's no stories to tell .

pardon for the skin k. hikhik ;p

Till then, goodbye! x

Thanks and have a blissful day :)

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