Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Assalam flowers!

"kita berterima kasih pada pemimpin-pemimpin negara"

any uitm'ers here? heheh. Salam satu uitm, "uitm dihatiku!"

Uitm'ers akan faham dgn apa yg aku cuba sampaikan ni. heheheh

Marching? who? me? oh nooo. that would be no, i ain't gonna  join that "event" again. I said it by myself, enough is enough, 3 years. okay? *apparently 2* okay stop exaggerating.

Actually, i do quite interested with this things for once but somehow "feelings fade and people change". right? huahua.

no laa, it just i'm too lazy to be participated with this event anymore.

it ain't the same you know, new people, new environment, new moves.. i think? heheh

okaylah, stop blabbering. i won't utter or what i just wanna share one of the sweetest moment i've ever had!, yeah. pictures tell more. kaaan?huhuw

'the day"

meet kar and leng

getting ready

prince's and princess

kinggggg offf numbers!

"ambek kaauu"


'kanaaaannnnn LURUS!"

say hi "wan,era,prechard"

ze awesome sunbae!


moving calculator's wuahaha!

gorgeous. senior!

le pretty "J" jiji and jiera

king of numbers! 

and the most exciting parts are, we won! 1st place! woots-woots! beating up DPIM, such a big honoured.

excited face, 1st place jo. hahah

"mantap, manggeget, saaakeeettttt!!!"


hik! that feeling we tend to get when waiting for the result to come out. and yesh! Alhamdulillah, we won the 1st place.. with Allah bless, advices from seniors. Thanks a lot, i as one of Dia's student are really proud. cheongmal. We thought luck may not be by our side, cuhs seeing the others participant performs and admit that they are much better than us but apparently it prove us wrong. we did it, syabas dan tahniah DIA!

"everyone can be a king, king of numbers" and i'm glad i'm one of those. thanks god!

thats it, gorgeous is a must. stay gorgeous everyone! Good night!


Thanks and have a blissful day :)