Sunday, March 18, 2012


Assalamualaikum & Hai
'I'm going to JAPAN~' ---------------------------------->NOPE.

Hahah, such annoying intro right?hehe . Okla, JAPAN? whats wrong with it??? Actually, i wanna shared a nice short story to all of u. Its called "short journey to japan"

*winkwink*, Last night,was the best night ever. I've gone to JAPAN as an exchanged student. Whooaaa, isn't it a sign or what? No laa, supertitious is not allowed :O

Freak things happened, i met with people there, they are so kind to me. Things get more freak, when i learned to speak japanese in ONE DAY. can you believe it? it would be a most speechless event if i can learned others language in one day and can speak properly O_________O

Impossible, unless i'm the long lost Einstien's generation or another brainiac - [einstein is the only brainiac that popped out in my mind] *silly me*

and..... i've date a japanese! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA [ketawasorangsorang]


Hmm, isnt that great? feels like i was in a fairytale. where all dreams come true :)

Overseas? Japan is one of it. One day, i hope i can go across another countries.

I would like to learn their culture, taste le' food and so on . Maybe i can bring 'a guy' to be my MAN? hahaha


well, everybody have their own dreams right? me too.

till then my friends. Au revoir :D

sorry for the language, i'm a learner guys. so stop judging me .

nota kecil: Dont ever stop chasing your dream :)

Thanks and have a blissful day :)

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