Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'm singing my blues..


hello again. 

"Have you ever heard of Mrs Sally?" *cricket sounds* Me neither. Ihik!

Pardon for the lame intro. Still, can't get this 'lameness" off. Oho

How're you doing guys? How was your HOLL-I-DAY? 

Mine? aha. it's fine. yup =)

how times flies, aite? it feels like i'm still in 5 form. Sitting my biggest exam, SPM.  Cewaah, such a dramatic holiday. 

okay, this 2012 i've been through lots of things. Ironically, there's too much blues than rainbows. I've been wanting to get my ass off from this place but seems like the times hasn't comes yet and yes it's really sad =(

Seeing lots of people receiving their good news and me? I've got nothing. For sure, there's no good story to tells here.

"my life is nothing but misery". There's no place to go. I'm stuck here, furthering my studies at 6 form. I'm not saying that its no good to stay, but it needs a lots of effort and also it's really hard. I tell ya, it's hard but i need to stay. I need to, there's no other options.

and for that, i need to be more stronger than before. em, yeah. 

till then, goodbye.
Thanks and have a blissful day :)

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