Wednesday, June 27, 2012

by the end of the month T.T

Assalam & Helliuw bloggers sekalian!

gosh, still xtau mcmna mau bt entry yg menarik, padat. aiseh, hihihi! I don't know  what's wrong with me. 18 years sd pun, daya kreativiti still the same. Sama mcm arus perdana ni, T.T
mgkn psl lama cuti ba tu kan? haha xDD

Lately, i tend to get angry, easier to pissed off and bad mood strikes me over and over. (sampai orang ketawa sma sy pun sy marah ni, bingung kan?kesian dia..)Ciskek! On top of that, i guess maybe its because em..mau bendera merah kali..hahaha! Maluu~ Oh my jati!  

anyway, camping are getting closer. Alhamdulillah, things almost done. Our menara pun almost 97% la siap, tapak pkhemahan sd d atur, pintu pun siap sudah, *thanks to nadia's group, they made it.yeayyy!!

Pictures?Diharap bersabar yer Cik Ana. gahaha~

Till then, selamat tinggal. Assalam

nota kecil: Happy birthday to *youuuu~~~*

Thanks and have a blissful day :)

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