Monday, June 4, 2012


Assalam & Helliuw dear bloggers!

I wont brag anything specific for today. It just, it's been a week i've gotten sick. Omaii flu~ why you can't let me go?? Hmm, i wont utter or what, because my friend had told me that, when we got sick or having such a difficult situation is just a test from God. Yup! i do believe in that.

I do believe that everything that happens around us has reasons. Huh?knapa? ada yg masih ngak percaya? Oh, okay. Let see, kenapa manusia perlu oksigen?Untuk bernafas la ba kan? to survive. SEE? smua benda yg jadi ada hikmahnya.

Having flu doesnt comfort me at all. There is a day when i used my mom's sarung because of le excessive fluid that coming out of my nose. Eeuuuw~ disgusting ka? haha. Bukan selalu kan? hihi..

Since holiday is not over yet, watching korean movies is my priority. Like a boss heh? No it just, Um.. well 'SPECIAL TREATMENT' for me Hikhik.

Hmm, still. I guess that's all for today.Ohya, SOMETIMES 9gag kinda fun actually.


Thanks and have a blissful day :)

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