Thursday, February 16, 2012


Assalamualaikum & Hai

confession to make: I'm such an impatient,grumpy,sensitive person.

i do realise this part of me for so long. I hate waiting, i hate to line up,


When waiting or what so ever(things yg sekutu dgn nya) gets to my nerve, i get angry.

and when i'm angry, i start muttering and some cursing slip off my tongue.

regretting?useless. This things keep happens, controlling my manner are the weakest

point of mine. People keep saying, that ladies should know how to be well mannered.

Being sensitive?

when? all the time. Naah, i used to be when i was still in a high school.

Dulu-dulu bah. skg, impatient seja yg masih ada. hehe .

for this 2012, i need to be patient its a must

to be patient basically,everything and anything. InsyaAllah...

nota kecil: "By doing a good things to anyone can heal a broken heart"

ciao bella
Thanks and have a blissful day :)

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