Sunday, January 8, 2012

a new chapter has just begin :)

Assalamualaikum and hello kwnkwn :)

its 2012 already and my life as an LEPASAN SPM had just begun. Uwaa, at last after had a terrific war with the greatest enemy for this century (cewah,haha) finally i can smell heaven. OHYEAHH! *tuuuut* reality man. Oh ok, sori my baaad :P

My life as LEPASAN, was indah khabar dari rupa. it is all about boring,boring and boring. UHHH, CRAP . Honestly, i missed school so much. SGTSGT Mmg, masa school i always says 'UHH,BOSAAANN! BILA MAU HABIS NIII' blaa itu, blaa ini.Mcm2,but when it all end i was like DAMN i missed all those BORING stuff. friends,sensei and so on.Tapi, semuany tinggal kenangan.Memories,that always lived in my heart&brain (cewaah).MOVE ON. klu ble, mau crta lagi tpi gerenti xkn hbis. hahaha.

okelah,thats all. BYK CRTA lagi nii, nnti post lagi. hehe. DAA, assalamualaikum :)

p/s:btw, my belog is still under construction. hehe. sorii, my bad :)
Thanks and have a blissful day :)

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