Saturday, February 19, 2011

Love :)

It's a must for everyone.Without it,we lost. The sense of humanity in ourself is ZERO.
Love didnt care of who we are , how old are we and how beautiful are us. Love comes without any sign, anyone whose in LOVE will always feel how lucky they are. Love is not just the way we feel but love is about the way we care of it , the way we show we love them, the way we need them and the main things in LOVE is SINCERITY.
Sincerity is the most important things in LOVE , not just love but in our daily life. Sincerity is holy. Sometimes people underestimated LOVE. They think that LOVE is horrible, harmless and etc. But , for some people they think LOVE is beautiful, peaceful and full of happiness . In this time, many people doesnt care about SINCERITY.All they care is about the outer beauty they didnt realize that outer beauty can fade away and lost in time BUT inner beauty (SINCERITY) didnt.
We feel love a long time ago. Many kinds of love we got,Love from the CREATER, from our parents, family and friends. Life is like a wheel , what goes around comes around. Love needs sacrifice and sincerity.
Guys, not all we can get in this world.Sometimes, frustration is better than always used to be love drunk. Frustration gave us experience, some kinds of precious experience. Those precious experience that leads us to met the RIGHT one . So dont ever called love is SUCKS, dont ever blame the ALMIGHTY becos of the frustration. Becos everythings that happen in this world has reason .
Everyone in this world has their own life , their own happiness.If we didnt find our RIGHT one yet , just be patience and have faith in ALLAH. Dont just gave up becos ALLAH hate those who easily gave up. So, rise up everyone . Let the sun shine, let the spirit of LOVE flow in yourself . Dont let the passive things lead us. Dont stop believeing, ALLAH love us. So cheer up guys :)

With Love,
Vans.Luv jat
Thanks and have a blissful day :)

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